Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Llama Drama

Happy Wednesday everyone! I just wanted to post this pic & tell a real quick story about it.....  So we had 2 llamas & 1 just died last week (she was really old). This is Lily Girl & she has been really sad cuz she misses her friend. We are working on getting her a new llama friend ASAP cuz llamas can die from depression if they don't have a buddy to hang with. Right now she has some cow buddies but it's not the same. This is one of my Pit Bulls, Haylee checkin out Lily. Haylee will normally chase the llamas but she must know Lily is sad cuz she has just been really sweet to her lately. Animals never cease to amaze me with how intuitive & emotionally connected they are.... (sorry for the crappy tiny picture but Vinny took this with his phone so it's really blurry if I enlarge it).....