Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Howl-idays!

Hi friends! I just thought I would share our Christmas card photo with you guys. My poor babies were not very happy about it (except Hugo, who seems to enjoy workin' it for the camera)! Every year I make them dress up & wear antlers or some silly thing but they are always good little troopers & tolerate the torture (barely)!......

Haylee (3), Hugo (5) & Lexi (11)


  1. Hugo looks like my Saide! I will have to send you a pic! Super cute! You should of gotten someting in the mail~ :-)

  2. Such a cute looking picture.


  3. OK, time to quit playing with the pooches and start creating... miss you!

  4. Super cute and funny pic!

    Hi Diana! Just stopped by after reading your super-nice comments on my submission to FCCB! Thank you very much! I have a lot of dogs, dogs and women (and horses) stamps, but each time I see a new one I have to purchase it! It borders on addiction, I know...

    BTW, you may have other comments on this and I read that you've had blog upload issues, but photos from posts earlier than this one don't load. I hope you can work that out as I'd love to see more of you wonderful creations.