Sunday, November 13, 2011

Imagine Paper Sample Ring Thing-y

Howdy! So the iPhone is here, activated & ready to rock! It's definately gonna take some getting used to but I think it's gonna be more awesome than I can imagine. Speaking of imagine (oohhh.... check out that segway huh?) Today I'm displaying this Imagine paper sample ring I made. I actually lifted this idea from Robyn at My Pink Stamper but I thought I'd show you how mine looks completed. You can check out her video of this project HERE. So here we go!....

This is what it looks like all put together....

I used this snap ring thingy, which you cannot find at WalMart (Robyn mentions getting them at WalMart in her video), at least not at the WalMart in Windsor, CA. I ended up getting these at Beverly's & they're made by 7 Gypsies. I got a pack of 10 for like $7 I think.  

All I did was print out all the patterned paper on each Imagine cartridge I have. They all have 20 patterns per cartridge. I just selected the square shape from the pre-loaded images on my Imagine, set at 2" & popped in each pattern. It's a little time consuming but soooo worth it! At the 2" size all 20 patterns on the cart will fit easily on one page. I wrote the name of the cartridge on the back of each square (you could use computer labels if you want). Then I punched a 1/4" hole in all of them, put them on the ring & voila!! I organized mine by color within each cart but you can obviously do it however you want.

I was a bit skeptical on whether or not this would really help me but it has already helped me so much! I don't have to flip thru the books to coordinate my paper patterns. Plus it makes it super easy to coordinate patterns from different cartridges.

I hope you enjoyed my little OCD project! Lol....


  1. You are slowly warming me up to the imagine...question: How much ink do you burn through. The hubs is worried that the amount of ink it is going to go through is going to cost the net worth of a small nation.

  2. Let's see.... I've had mine for 2 months & I use it just about daily & my ink levels haven't even budged. According to PC it can do 60+ full 12x12 pages per ink cartridge, but doing full sheets of paper takes the most ink so unless you're gonna run a paper factory it should last quite a while. Plus the ink carts are only like $34 each (you need 2, 1 tri-color & 1 black). And you can order them with your Cricut rewards points! I just used my points to order refills just in case & it only cost me $12 total. It's so fun! You should totally get one! I was really skeptical about it for a long time cuz it had so many horrible reviews but I've been so happy with mine, no problems at all, amazing print quality & as long as you keep your machine calibrated the cut quality is excellent too. There... you think hubby is buyin any of this?? Lol :)